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During my whole stay in Florence I only had about 2 hours to tour around because i was so busy. However, I would much rather have been working these two hours too, but i had to see the city. So I took my camera threw on whatever I had left that was clean and went to see what Florence has to offer [in two hours]. In conclusion, lots of art, beautiful statues, and views that can take your breath away. I’ll leave you to decide here are the pictures I took:

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Firenze4ever outfit Day III

Im wearing: Givenchy shirt, H&M leather pants, Casadei Shoes, and Dolce & Gabbana Bag

Blogger outfit

Fashion Blogger Diane De L'Orpaz

Perfectism Fashion Blog

Top Fashion Bloggers

fashion blogger outfit

An upside to being in Firenze4ever is that everyone is really well dressed, you should have seen all the fashion blogger outfits, and the top fashion bloggers, and just all the different types of style it was just amazing, how everyone just puts things together so differently. It’s art, everyone has a different perspective to a single piece.

This outfit is essentially unfinished because my Burberry jacket had been misplaced, but oh well.

Hope you like it xx

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