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The people who do not dance are the dead

When I came across this editorial I wanted to write something meaningful because it inspired me. Dance inspires me. Somehow it came out sounding like a middle school essay. I wanted to get my story across of why dance means so much to me and why it has such a big effect of my life even today when I have no time to dance other than at home. Dance is the love of my life hand in hand with fashion and music one does not exceed the other in any sort of way. Since the age of 2 and a half I have owned ballet shoes, going to ballet class was my favorite part of the week. You couldn’t rip those shoes off my feet if you tried, and the tutu? Let’s not even start on that. I had every color leotard you can think of in every shade you can find on a RGB grid and wore them everywhere. You know the kid in kindergarten who refuses to take off his superman costume? well, that was me, super ballerina.
When I entered elementary school I was made fun of, I had no friends, and no one ever talked to me. People who would talk to me would do it after school when no one was looking so they wouldn’t get made fun of too. Dance class was the only place people would talk to me, look at me, or be nice to me at all; so inevitably, Dance became my only escape from everything, and somehow it still is. Until now dance has been a place I can completely blank out and transfer my thoughts and feeling into movement, give into the music you know? It inspires almost everything I do from designing to striving for perfection in my art.

“Artists lead unglamorous daily lives of discipline and routine, but their work is full of passion. Each has a vision and feels responsibility to that vision.”

When I came across this editorial in Vogue Russia I stared at it for hours, and again a while after. I cannot rip my eyes off this peice, I have never connected this much to an editorial. Not like this.
It’s beautiful to me, it’s perfection.

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Reader Art

Honestly, there is nothing I love more than checking my email at the begining of the day and finding my readers’ art in my mailbox. Nothing. There are such talented people out there I am so honored to be part of your art. Thank you!

Firenze4ever actually sparked a bunch of reader art and noticed that there wasn’t one art piece without the ears and I loved this! I love them.

I will leave you with a preview of 2 for today:

Fashion Blogger

Diane De L'Orpaz

Credit: Anonymous, & Lynn Anderson

What do you think?  You like them?


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Firenze Photoshoot II – Lanvin

My second look for Firenze4ever at Luisa Via Roma was very simple but elegant, considering the fact that I had about 50,000 Euros worth of Jewelry on me, It was a luxurious look, and with Lanvin all over my body I felt nothing short of Luxurious.

This gorgeous gown paired up with peeptoe Louboutins, dark cherry lipstick was the perfect touch. I completed this look with Ere by Reppossi black gold and black diamond earrings 25.30 gr black gold, 4.21 Kt black diamonds, and a full pave. Also Ere by Reppossi black silver and black diamonds cuff, and my favorite jewelry peice in the whole entire universe, my dream ring…wait for it….Pandora by Alinari Stefano 18 ct Gold and Bronze, 1.63 kt blue diamond, .38kt diamond, and the cherry on top is a a 15 kt Pearl. Now thats a cherry I would love to have…

Hope you like it!

fashion blog

blogger outfit

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