Even though I’m not a t-shirt kind of girl I do have a favorite Tee. Two actually. My favorite Tee is my Lavin x H&M, and then a plain white basic one. I love when they are loose so I get them in Large. Recently I was going to the neighbor’s house to talk to her daughter, so I threw on my favorite Basic white tee and leather pants, my black heel booties and was just about to run out the door. My mother was here and goes “Stop. Your T shirt is ripped.” So I went to change. I was so angry about my shirt, even though it’s just a plain white shirt and I can get an almost identical one anywhere (notice how I said almost).

I had some weird attachment to this shirt. Maybe because It was pointlessly expensive, or maybe because it feels like you’re swimming in cotton ball clouds when you wear it..Now with holes in it already, it would make the perfect opportunity for a Balmain Style DIY  Ripped T shirt.

I’ve wanted one of those Distressed slash destroyed Balmain shirts the second I saw them come down the runway. I love distressed tee shirts, or anything Balmain as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, when I very happily went to the store to purchase one of these weirdly gorgeous creations I couldn’t quite fit a $1,600 something ripped t shirt into my budget. So today (again very happily) got a pair of scissors, safety pins, anything that look like it could destroy and stabbed, cut out, and ripped holes into my very favorite shirt .

What you need

  • T-shirt (The thinner the cotton, the better; Notice how you can see my finger through the material) which you are willing to rip and destroy
  • Anything that looks like it could destroy your T-shirt. Scissors, knives, beer bottle cap.
  • Sandpaper
  • Stainless Steel Safety Pins


  • Make sure to try on the shirt and visually mark where your breasts are so you don’t go Mean Girls on us with two holes for your breasts.  I mostly destroyed around the neckline, shoulders and the bottom of the Tee.
  • Sand parts of the shirt to wear-down the material, making it appear more see-through (especially at the shoulders)
  • After you think you are satisfied with it, try it on because there might be places that look “neglected”.
  • I happened to have a box full of safety pins, and decided it was the perfect time to use them
  • I chose to put them on the bigger holes I had made, and on the shoulder seam.

What do you think of my DIY ripped T shirt? I think I’m in love! I I think I might add safety pins all the way around the shoulder seam… This would look killer with leather pants and a power shoulder blazer with a pair of heels. Next outfit post? Maybe…

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  1. Ingrid says:

    I like it! I actually googled the Balmain t-shirts and they looked a lot like this. Seems silly paying so much for a ripped tee! :O I’m definitely thinking of making my own now, heheh. Did you also put pins at the back?

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