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I have received a special request due to my last post [about me living out of a suitcase for a very long time].  I have been requested to post about how and what I pack for when I travel. Personally, I always travel with two suitcases: A large suitcase, and a small suitcase no matter where or how long I go for. Unless I’m going to fashion week, or a fashion event, I try not to take my very expensive things.

First of all, and most importantly make a list before you start packing!!!

2 Suitcases: A large one for clothing and a second carry on with necessities other than clothing (I know you’re supposed to pack you carry on light, but I don’t. I put all the heavy things inside my carry on like shoes, otherwise I’m faced with overweight equivalent to the price of my flight)

Shoes: I take a very small amount of pairs. Right now I have 5 Pairs of shoes: Aldo Leopard Print Booties, Luxury Rebel Lily Embellished Black Booties, Christian Louboutin Black Peep toes, Top Shop Nude Ballerina Flats (I don’t wear flats, but I always carry them around just incase I need to, though I’m thinking I should start Before I screw up my back?)  and Nine West Thigh High Boots (Not pictures, they are being repaired L). I recommend Nudes, Black, and an animal print which rarely ever do not match something.

I usually take my “favorite pieces of the moment”. Which right now is a sheer white button up boyfriend shirt from H&M, Lanvin x H&M fur coat, Leather Pants, Luxury Rebel Lilly embellished boots, Power shoulder tuxedo blazer, and my green Balenciaga bag.

If I don’t know when the next time I will be able to replenish my suitcase: I take what I call “safe” pieces mostly, which means safe colors, black, grey, white, camels, and only little splashes of color like red, electric blue, orange etc.

I make sure to take a lot of blazers, jackets and shirts opposed to bottoms which are not as noticeable when “recycled”.  I love blazers and jackets because they are usually the main focus of my outfits especially if they are power shoulder, fur, embellished etc.

I usually take a bunch of Shorts.

Leather pants, and black pants are a MUST.

I take dressy-ish shirts when I need to go from morning to evening without being able to change, which happens often. Oops, I forgot to take a picture of them.

I usually take jumpsuits, and maxi dresses because they are the prettiest things you can just “throw on” and look amazing. I love my jumpsuit from H&M, it’s also a great piece which I can go from day to night without changing.

Think about what you will be doing and what is appropriate. Even if I don’t intend on going to fancy-dress events I take at least 3 evening outfits which I usually stick to dresses. Whatever might come up: Dinners, evening meetings, random invitations to events that were unexpected. I always make sure to be ready. Right now I have with me 2 Lanvin x H&M dresses and a Mango Dress (will be shown in outfit posts soon!)

I make sure to have a pouch with Leggings, tights, stockings and what have you incase it’s cold.

Bags: I won’t show you all my bags because I will show them to you eventually, they deserve a post of their own. I can tell you one thing, this baby is getting some serious frequent flyer miles. I take it everywhere. Its so comfortable, and because I take safe colors when I travel it breaks the ‘tension’. I love this bag. Essentially, I try not to take more than 3 bags, 1 of them being a clutch.

If you’re traveling and your bags/shoes don’t come with these, purchase some, travel will kill your things, eventually.

Scarves: I have to have at least 2 in my suitcase

Toiletries: These are my must haves. I have to have at least 2 perfumes they change all the time, right now it’s Chanel Chance and Narciso Rodriguez for Her. Lancome Skin Recharge, Victoria’s secret Berry Kiss Body Lotion, Victoria’s Secret Pretty Pink Body Spray for Gym, Neutrogena Cleanser, In the back is Michel Mercier Marroccan Oil for Hair [works miracles for my hair]

I know this looks/sounds like a lot. I promise it fits in a suitcase and a carry on. I will try to make a video soon of how to pack efficiently.


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Firenze… Addio, Mi mancherai

Top Fashion Bloggers

[Please, excuse my Italian]

I honestly couldn’t have thought up a better way to start 2011, and I owe it all to Luisa Via Roma and their amazing team. I could never thank them enough to have invited me to this amazing event which broing the world’s top fashion bloggers together, and especially on my first year of blogging, this has been a HUGE opportunity for me.

I have met some of the world’s top designers, top bloggers, the wonderful Luisa Via Roma team and Andrea Panconesi himself; and above all I have made some very close friends. To meet so many people, and do what I love: I got to be at photoshoots and style using only the worlds top luxury designs for this season held at Luisa Via Roma, and I got to be at fashion events all day. Could a fashion Blogger ask for more?

I personally want to thank Cami and Saba Firenze4ever would have not been the same without you and neither would Luisa Via Roma, you guys are AMAZING. A special thank you to Sabine, darling, I would have been a mess without you! thank you for your hard work and all your help!



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During my whole stay in Florence I only had about 2 hours to tour around because i was so busy. However, I would much rather have been working these two hours too, but i had to see the city. So I took my camera threw on whatever I had left that was clean and went to see what Florence has to offer [in two hours]. In conclusion, lots of art, beautiful statues, and views that can take your breath away. I’ll leave you to decide here are the pictures I took:

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Firenze4ever outfit Day III

Im wearing: Givenchy shirt, H&M leather pants, Casadei Shoes, and Dolce & Gabbana Bag

Blogger outfit

Fashion Blogger Diane De L'Orpaz

Perfectism Fashion Blog

Top Fashion Bloggers

fashion blogger outfit

An upside to being in Firenze4ever is that everyone is really well dressed, you should have seen all the fashion blogger outfits, and the top fashion bloggers, and just all the different types of style it was just amazing, how everyone just puts things together so differently. It’s art, everyone has a different perspective to a single piece.

This outfit is essentially unfinished because my Burberry jacket had been misplaced, but oh well.

Hope you like it xx

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Tel Aviv[ing] in Style

Tel Aviv is definitely one of the cities i can’t quite describe. It’s definitely not a thriving city, not during the day at least. It is more of a chill-out place, unless you’re in traffic or trying to find a parking , which will make you go bonkers. It has a dash of class, and a pinch of shabby; which is in my opinion, is what makes this city special and laid back.

Personally, I am not a fan of the culture. However, as a vacation spot, this is it. Whether you’re interested in history, nightlife, nature, or even all of the above: this place is probably great. Its a small country so you can travel it all in 3 weeks and enjoy it. From wine tasting and gorgeous views from up north, to the thriving nightlife and gorgeous beaches of the center, to the historic wonders of jerusalem, and last but definitely not least the most chillaxed place on earth [especially if youre in a five star hotel, tanning topless, and a fan of pampering youreself until you cant feel a single nerve in your body] the Dead Sea.

Today my sister Nataly and I decided to stay in the hotel room in Tel-Aviv. Then at around 5 changed our minds and went down to a coffee shop on the beach sipping wine, cocktails and hot chocolate cake [Yes, one, dont want to get fat now do we? one minute in your mouth, a whole year in your ass. If you think otherwise youre probably overweight, or have an extremely fabulous metabolism. One of those where you can eat shit and stuff your face all day and you'll merely move a millimeter. Like my husband, probably the reason for his fabulous backside. Anyway...] We saw a lady there that, at first glance, looked like Anna Dello Russo. However, when we looked [more like stared] it wasn’t her. boo. Plus anna wouldnt where that awful outfit she had on, now would she?

The last two pics are the view from the hotel room. Gorgeous or gorgeous? There is nothing I love more than to sit for hours with my sister and talk about, well, everything over a good glass of wine and cocktails. Hope you like the pictures.


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