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Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts! Perfectism has been having some backend issues and its almost impossible to post.

However even if its going to take me HOURS to post a paragraph and a half I want to share with you something I am ecstatic about! Let me indulge you in my latest purchase, two, actually. A few days ago I purchased the only loafers I have ever loved in my entire life. Those of you who know me, or have been reading Perfectism for a while, know that I have always hated flats. Hate with a passion. Ever since I have had Chloé, wearing heels 24/7 is right next to impossible, I believe it wasn’t too long ago that Kourtney Kardashian also presented this ‘revelation’ “Heels are a Mommy No, No.” Lets be honest chasing a 22 month old in flats is not so easy, in 140 Louboutins its a whole different story.

To be quite honest, let me state the obvious here, I’m not skinny, especially since having a baby girl…wearing flats has made me feel like an Oompa Loompa. I’m quite tall for a female so I have tried to convince myself for almost 2 years that it’s okay to wear flats. I haven’t succeeded yet.

Since Chloé, I have been trying to find a pair of flats I would actually wear. I saw these loafers when I was back in Italy for Luisa Via Roma’s Firenze4ever and fell in love but ignored it because I wouldn’t wear them. I haven’t stopped thinking of them since. I had a gift certificate from Luisa Via Roma and decided that it was time for flats, so that when I did decide to wear flats, not only look like an Oompa Loompa, but a Hobo Oompa Loompa wearing the only flats I have owned since…well, let’s not get into that. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my [now] one and only FLATS *heaven sounds*

They are PERFECT! They go with almost anything! Haven’t worn them yet, but I will try and do an outfit post SOON! …and I will show the other pair soon as well.

Thank you Luisa Via Roma for shipping SO FAST!

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Firenze… Addio, Mi mancherai

Top Fashion Bloggers

[Please, excuse my Italian]

I honestly couldn’t have thought up a better way to start 2011, and I owe it all to Luisa Via Roma and their amazing team. I could never thank them enough to have invited me to this amazing event which broing the world’s top fashion bloggers together, and especially on my first year of blogging, this has been a HUGE opportunity for me.

I have met some of the world’s top designers, top bloggers, the wonderful Luisa Via Roma team and Andrea Panconesi himself; and above all I have made some very close friends. To meet so many people, and do what I love: I got to be at photoshoots and style using only the worlds top luxury designs for this season held at Luisa Via Roma, and I got to be at fashion events all day. Could a fashion Blogger ask for more?

I personally want to thank Cami and Saba Firenze4ever would have not been the same without you and neither would Luisa Via Roma, you guys are AMAZING. A special thank you to Sabine, darling, I would have been a mess without you! thank you for your hard work and all your help!



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Reader Art

Honestly, there is nothing I love more than checking my email at the begining of the day and finding my readers’ art in my mailbox. Nothing. There are such talented people out there I am so honored to be part of your art. Thank you!

Firenze4ever actually sparked a bunch of reader art and noticed that there wasn’t one art piece without the ears and I loved this! I love them.

I will leave you with a preview of 2 for today:

Fashion Blogger

Diane De L'Orpaz

Credit: Anonymous, & Lynn Anderson

What do you think?  You like them?


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During my whole stay in Florence I only had about 2 hours to tour around because i was so busy. However, I would much rather have been working these two hours too, but i had to see the city. So I took my camera threw on whatever I had left that was clean and went to see what Florence has to offer [in two hours]. In conclusion, lots of art, beautiful statues, and views that can take your breath away. I’ll leave you to decide here are the pictures I took:

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Firenze4ever outfit Day III

Im wearing: Givenchy shirt, H&M leather pants, Casadei Shoes, and Dolce & Gabbana Bag

Blogger outfit

Fashion Blogger Diane De L'Orpaz

Perfectism Fashion Blog

Top Fashion Bloggers

fashion blogger outfit

An upside to being in Firenze4ever is that everyone is really well dressed, you should have seen all the fashion blogger outfits, and the top fashion bloggers, and just all the different types of style it was just amazing, how everyone just puts things together so differently. It’s art, everyone has a different perspective to a single piece.

This outfit is essentially unfinished because my Burberry jacket had been misplaced, but oh well.

Hope you like it xx

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Firenze4ever Photoshoot III

Fashion Blogger

For my third look I went totally crazy for these silver Balmain zipper leggings when my friend Sandra from Sandra’s closet tried the sequin ones on, I prayed to g-d they had them in my size [and Voila!].

I was going a completely different direction in my head for the look but decided mix it up. The original look in my head was to wear it with a little more tailored but over sized white button up and black shoes black accessories and a random colored bag. However I decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit and mix things that usually wouldnt go together.

I found this Givenchy shirt which i went CRAZY for so i was like hey! these dont really go together, lets put them together! The electric blue Mulberry bag I wanted to wear with electric blue Sergio Rossi sling backs but i felt it was too matchy-matchy so I took the most random color I could think of.

I’m wearing: Silver Balmain leggings, Little Glass Clementine gold and aquamarine necklace, Givenchy Shirt, Mullberry Bag, and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

Blogger outfit

Top Fashion Blog

Street Fashion Blog

fashion outfit

fashion blogger

fashion blogs

fashion bloggers


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Firenze Photoshoot II – Lanvin

My second look for Firenze4ever at Luisa Via Roma was very simple but elegant, considering the fact that I had about 50,000 Euros worth of Jewelry on me, It was a luxurious look, and with Lanvin all over my body I felt nothing short of Luxurious.

This gorgeous gown paired up with peeptoe Louboutins, dark cherry lipstick was the perfect touch. I completed this look with Ere by Reppossi black gold and black diamond earrings 25.30 gr black gold, 4.21 Kt black diamonds, and a full pave. Also Ere by Reppossi black silver and black diamonds cuff, and my favorite jewelry peice in the whole entire universe, my dream ring…wait for it….Pandora by Alinari Stefano 18 ct Gold and Bronze, 1.63 kt blue diamond, .38kt diamond, and the cherry on top is a a 15 kt Pearl. Now thats a cherry I would love to have…

Hope you like it!

fashion blog

blogger outfit

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Firenze4ever Photoshoot I

fashion blog

It has only been 3 days and my trip to Florence has been a week’s worth of excitement. I could never express how grateful I am to have been part of this experience to have been invited to Luisa Via Roma’s Firenze4ever 2nd edition. Today was full of styling photoshoots, and might I add; my feet have never endured so much pain in my life. It was SO worth it. I was on very uncomfortable louboutins from 8:30 am until 3am!
My assistant Sabine tried to get my to wear flip flops on various occasions throughout the day, and mocked me for not wearing flats. She is hilarious.
It has been hectic but SO much FUN. I have never had so much fun playing with clothes. I mean, who wouldn’t want Luisa Via Roma as their personal wardrobe? I know I wouldn’t decline the offer.
Here is my first look – Hope you like it!

Im wearing: Balmain Red Leather Jacket, Jason Wu White Bow Button up, Christian Louboutin Pumps, Valentino Bag/Clutch

fashion blogger

blogger outfit

fashion blogs

Luisa Via Roma


fashion outfit

street fashion blog

Luisa Via Roma Photoshoot

Diane De L'Orpaz

fashion blog


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Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club
in front of the Cavalli Club

Being in Luisa Via Roma’s hands was nothing less than glamorous. So, on the second day for dinner, where else would they take us but the Cavalli Club? Where we had a 5 course meal and met Guiseppe Zannotti, Neil Barrett, Fausto Pugsili, Eva Cavalli, and other people from the industry that us bloggers can’t help but  admire.

I arrived in a black H&M jumpsuit, black Christian Louboutins, Lavin for H&M faux fur coat, and Maison Michel style Lace Mickey mouse ears. We were greeted by nothing other than champagne, which had been my main nutritional component  the whole 2 days I had been in Florence [and don't be surprised if it ends up being the whole four days].

The chairs were leopard print, the alcohol bottles were all branded Roberto Cavalli, beautiful models filled the screens in Roberto Cavalli’s designs, and the interior design was nothing less than prestigious.

I had a long conversation with Neil Barrett and Daniel who were absolutely lovely, Guiseppe Zanotti who was wonderful, [all three loved my ears! Thank you!] Fausto Puglisi, and Eva Cavalli who were simply charming. I also met the wonderful Marco Motola  of Gucci who I must thank and give credit for various pictures of this post!

Giusseppe Zanotti
Giuseppe Zanotti & Me

Giuseppe Zanotti & Me
Neil Barrett & Me
Talking to Neil Barrett & Daniel

Marco Motola & Me

Giuseppe Zanotti & Eva Cavalli

Fashion Power [as Sandra calls it] Fausto Puglisi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Andrea Panconesi, Eva Cavalli, and Neil Barrett

Giuseppe Zanotti, Eva Cavalli and Andrea Panconesi

Andrea Panconesi giving his beautiful speech

Sandra from Sandra’s Closet and Eva Cavalli

My newest girlfriend Sandra Bauknech & Me The previous Marie Claire Editor and founder of Sandra’s Closet

The beautiful Jessie Thorpe of Denimology meeting Giuseppe Zanotti with the wonderful Camilla of Luisa Via Roma

The night was enticing and I couldn’t have asked for better people to share it with, and more wonderful people to meet. I could never thank Luisa Via Roma enough.


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